climate chang caused by one human activity1

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Climate Change caused by one human activity

Climate problems are becoming more and more serious all over the world. In recent years, we human frequently pay the bill for the man-made climate change. Climate problem, as a world wide problem, gradually poses a threat to the sweat life of human beings.To sum up,climate change problem has influenced many parts of human activitives ,especially in harmful gasses exhausts

The car exhuasts emission of harmful gas has increased. now have a car though very convenient, but the car's exhaust emissions of harmful gases has increased, exacerbated by environmental pollution; sometimes the car congestion often gave rise to many inconveniences.for example,2000 years ago,there was no cars and factories ,people live without harmful gas and pollution.but today more people get risk form this gases or get the other factory diseases. So nowadays the harmful gases caused by greenhouses gas and make a huge influence to human.Greenhouse gases can absorb heat which will escape from the earth’s surface (Pew Centre on Global Climate Change, 2008). It just like glass of a

green house and keeps the earth warm, which is known as the greenhouse phenomenon (NSW Department of Primary Industries, 2008). The natural green house effect offers all the creatures on the earth a comfortable temperature to live. However, due to humans’ activities, the greenhouse impact is becoming more serious, which leads to the global warming.

The harmful gas exhaust lead to carbon emission increased. According to many research, the global climate has become warmer in recent years. It is suggested by the authoritative scientific report of Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) that there is a direct relationship between human activities and climate change (Hamburg et al., 2003). Global warming, caused by the enhanced greenhouse effect has become a serious problem in the 21st century, which may influence future generations developed.










emission.according to Corinne Le Quere, a climate expert at the university of East Anglia and British Antaractic Survey,who helped conduct the study,said:"it's bad news because the increase in

atmospheric carbon dioxide has accelerated since 2000 in a way we did not expect." Greenhouse effect has been directly leading to the global warming. human activities has influenced a lots.such as Cut trees ,destroy many forest and many grasslands become desert: as many trees were cut, the carbon dioxide can’t be absorbed and the global will become warmer . The second is using and Ozone

Depletion: the Freon destroys the ozonosphere. The ozonosphere can reduce solar radiation enter the atmosphere. Now as the ozonosphere is broken, more solar radiation reach earth. The third is water reducing: water can absorb carbon dioxide.The fourth is factory release poison gas to the air. car exhaust ,become trapped in the atmosphere. Among these greenhouse gas, nitrogen dioxide (CO2) is the chief one to cause greenhouse effect. In order to pursue economic development, countries around the world have discharged a great quantity of CO2 to the atmosphere and

ultimately developed into climate problem.

To sum up,human impact and to find ways to adapt to change that has already occurred. carbon emission are pretty much the same

thing the cause for climate change.In conclusion, both of two has

hazard to cause sea level rise and climate change: it leads to the extinction of plants and animals, while hinders people’s daily life and threatens human society.